5 adventure activities in Ushuaia

Ramiro Rodriguez
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Visiting the southernmost city in the world? It´s a fantastic place... did you know it´s the only trans-andean Argentinian city? Yes, Ushuaia is located in Tierra del Fuego, behind the Andes chain in Tierra del Fuego. I´m sure you will taste some delicious dishes like the King Crab (Centolla in Spanish) and the traditional Patagonian Lamb (Cordero Patagonico in Spanish), that you will visit the national park and navigate the Beagle Channel... But, if you´re looking for adventure activities, I have a list of five that could be interesting for you. It´s my list, and I hope you like it!



Image 30

1 - Trekking & Canoes in Tierra del Fuego National Park

It´s a wonderful alternative to the traditional excursion to visit Tierra del Fuego National Park. Let me invite you to enjoy 8 hours immersed in the nature of the Tierra del Fuego National Park in a different way. The journey proposes a walk and a relaxed, easy activity in inflatable canoes, in an area where sea, rivers, mountains, and forests create a unique place in Argentina. With our specialized guides, you can learn much about this unique paradise in the world in one day!

Fifteen kilometers separate Ushuaia from the Coastal Path (Senda Costera), in Tierra del Fuego National Park. Once we took you there, you will get carried away by this place while exploring on foot, in touch with Nature. The almost 8 km of the medium-difficulty hike, does not present a big challenge to passengers used to exercise regularly and dress accordingly. The walk invites us to know, in detail and in a pleasant way, a paradise recovered where the mountains can be reached from the shore of the sea, and the freshwater of rivers and lakes coexists with the marine coast.

Near Lake Acigami (also known as Lake Roca) we will have lunch in our comfortable structural tents to be protected from the weather. After a short break, and after fitting the rubber boots, over pants and lifejackets, we will paddle easily in an inflatable canoe (duckie type, very safe and stable ) from Acigami Lake, down the very slowly flowing Lapataia and Ovando rivers. Our journey begins in freshwater until we reach the sea, in Lapataia Bay. For about an hour, we will see the flora and fauna of inaccessible places, approaching the point of view enjoyed by the Yámana several centuries ago.

We will return just like we arrived there: in the same buses, only that we are now full of fond memories and unforgettable experiences.





2 - Lakes Off-Road

One of the most famous adventure activities you can do from Ushuaia. A journey to visit the heart of Tierra del Fuego Island in a 4x4 vehicle. Expert drivers in off-road driving propose an authentic 4x4 crossing. Onboard a 4WD vehicle we will cross the forest and rivers through impossible mud roads, between disused trees and roads, along the edge of a lake with unique views.

This is an adventure suitable for all types of travelers! People with reduced mobility or who prefer to rest their legs can explore, photograph, or simply get carried away by the unique nature of these places. The company of our guides, the (already famous) food in our refuge on Lake Fagnano and the Argentine Malbec shared in a friendly atmosphere will be memorable.

All those who want to live a more intimate excursion can have their own guide and their own truck with our "Tailor-made trips". There, young children can also join (without age restrictions) and the whole family can build their own path.

We will spend a whole day traveling in a relaxed way the landscape of Tierra del Fuego, in an adventure accessible to anyone who wants to free themselves from any limit. From the Cordillera, we will see Lake Escondido, a small hidden wonder at the bottom of a valley. Then, the gigantic lake Fagnano, imposing and great, will be the center of our day.

Return to your hotel in Ushuaia will be around 5.30 pm.

Book the wonderful Lakes Off-Road activity. Click in the image below



3 - Sea Kayaking in the Beagle Channel


Image 15

If you´re a kayaking lover, it´s perfect for you. Navigate the famous Beagle Channel in a kayak! Yes, it´s possible with the Sea Kayaking in the Beagle Channel activity.

A bit of history first? The natives of this region, the Yamana, sailed with their fragile tree bark canoes. The women were the ones who paddled and dived to collect mollusks, the children took care of the fire in the canoes, and the man, in the bow looking for the sea lions in harpooning range. In double sea kayaks, we will explore these waters to rediscover uninhabited beaches and majestic corners. Along the itinerary, and through waters between two friendly nations, the Beagle Channel allows us to live the experience of paddling in a legendary area, with the best-specialized guides that will provide with all the appropriate equipment necessary for a safe journey.

This tour is not for elite athletes, nor exclusive for kayak experts. All those who want to have fun, and who want to try a new way to travel at this end of the World can enjoy it. This tour calls for moderate physical activity, while allows enjoying bird watching and an approach to the fauna that will be memorable.

The activity starts around 8 am and finalize at 2 pm approximately



Image 3

4 - Trekking to Laguna Esmeralda

Do you love trekking? Well, Esmeralda Lagoon is an active, hiking tour for those who enjoy walking and being outdoors in contact with Nature. It is also a great opportunity to see the wonderful color of Laguna Esmeralda, and the evening colors of the mountains.

The excursion starts from Ushuaia around 2:30 PM, with a bus ride to the Tierra Mayor Valley, the starting point of a medium-difficulty hike to visit the Esmeralda Lagoon. The difficulty of the hiking activity is given mostly by the type of terrain, and not so much by the presence of steep slopes. In fact, the inclination of the trail is very smooth until you get closer to the lagoon, where it becomes a bit more demanding for a short distance. This walk will take us through a forest and then through a peat bog, which can be very wet. Only if the guide considers it necessary, he or she will offer you rain boots (Wellies) to ford some swampy areas. In any case, we recommend wearing adequate footwear for this tour.

The lagoon is at the foot of the Ojo de Albino glacier, between Cerro Bonete and Cordón Toribio. The emerald green waters blend with the copper red peat bogs, and also with the other, green and brown of the mountains that enclose it, while the white of the glacier creates a visual feast of a chromatic amplitude difficult to find in many other areas around the world. During the return walk, we will continue exploring the forest crossed by rivers and streams, before enjoying an ideal dinner: snacks, and lentil stew with a nice Patagonian red wine in a charming cabin overlooking the Tierra Mayor valley. The connoisseurs of the area say that it is the place indicated to wait for the slow and magical sunset. The return to Ushuaia is estimated around 10 PM.

Book this wonderful  Trekking to Esmerald Lagoon in Ushuaia, and enjoy an unforgettable experience!






5- Gable Island and Penguin Colony Canoeing Activity

This is a very active excursion, it is the most comprehensive full-day tour of Tierra del Fuego. From Ushuaia, we will leave by bus to the East on National Route No. 3 and then on the "J" route. Once on the Lasifashaj River, preparations will begin to paddle in inflatable canoes along the river and the Beagle Channel. We will remember the original peoples of the south of the world who lived with the Canal, furrowing its calm waters and making canoes their way of life: nomadism. To get on the canoes we will offer you rubber boots, cover pants, and life jackets so that you can paddle down the river until you reach the sea: the Beagle Channel itself. There we will have a clear panoramic view of the Chilean side: the Navarino island and, further away, the Picton and Lennox islands. Along the itinerary, at sea, we will see Fuegian wildlife, variety of seabirds and it is also possible that we spot sea lions.


Image 8

Those who do not want to make the canoe journey, have the option of not doing that section and then come back to join the group at the end of the row to continue the journey together.

Once the rowing is finished, we will arrive at the Harberton Estancia hull, of enormous historical importance for the region since it was the first land of Tierra del Fuego (founded in 1886) where settlers of British origin lived together with the original peoples. There are 20,000 hectares of mountains, forests, lakes, and islands. From there we will take a motorboat in the direction of Yécapasela Island (its native name, but that in the current cartography appears under the name of Martillo Island), on the way we will see endless small islands that accompany us along the way. Upon reaching the island and from the boat, we can see a large colony of penguins at their breeding site. The island has 3,000 pairs of Magellanic penguins, Papuan penguin couples, and more than 100 pairs of rocky cormorants that nest on the cliffs to the south. Depending on the time of the year and the climatic conditions, it is possible to see the different species.

Sailing in the motorboat then continues to the main attraction of the day: the huge and wonderful Isla Gable, where an exquisite hot lunch awaits us, with good Patagonian wine, soft drinks and mineral water. After a coffee, we go around the surroundings in an entertaining interpretive walk to get to know the natural environment better, through huge beaver dams and Magellanic forests full of lengas and ñires. Along the way, we will be able to appreciate the vestiges of the Yámanas families that lived with the Anglican missionaries. Then we will border the sea coast until we reach the boat that will take us back to Puerto Harberton and take the bus to Ushuaia.

Book this amazing experience of Gable Island and Penguin Colony Canoeing Activity, or click on the image below



I think it´s an amazing collection of adventure activities you can enjoy in Ushuaia. For bookings or further information, just email us at info@ripioturismo.com We´re ready to help you!


Thank you,




Ramiro Rodriguez
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