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Our world is a dream, and South America is the garden of this incredible world. Our continent offers colourful landscapes, unique cultural heritage, excellent gastronomy, wonderful hotels, and warm people.

Our company offers a wide variety of tours to enjoy the best of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay.  We worked for more than 20 years to choose best hotels and local partners in each destination, and offer the best service, ever.  We manage FIT’s and groups, traditional travellers and people looking for adventure activities, tours for +50 people with luxury resorts, and more.

We’re specialists in cruises in Patagonia. Some expedition cruises to visit Cape Horn, the southern glaciers and fjords, lakes and mountains; or the most exciting cruises in Amazonas, and Galapagos Islands, to enjoy incredible fauna.

Looking for luxury travel? It´s not a problem, our luxury products are specially designed for people looking for more, and more. Exclusive services, and best accommodation in each area. 

We´re specialists

We have a special area to receive your music groups: Choirs, Orchestras, Bands. We work with our Music Manager to offer the best performing tours for your groups.

If you work with schools, contact us, we have a special area to receive groups of students. Many High Schools and Universities visit South America to learn more about spanish language and contact local students.

We can arrange also services for Soccer, Hockey, and Rugby Teams. We have contact with many local clubs in South America to arrange a very nice trip and play your favourite sport visiting our continent.

You will find special printable guides and tours, to offer the best information for your clients. These catalogues and guides are also available for your electronic device, and can be downloaded.

Work with us, let us know how we can help you. We can personalize our catalogues with your logo and company information. Be part of our offer with our help.

We are South America

We´re specialists in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Uruguay. 
Try us, we can handle complicated queries quickly, and once you are here we can provide continuing support and assistance during your stay. Our renovated website provide all the information you need to research the destination, with many information, excursions available, interactive itineraries, and more. Remember, our world is a dream, enjoy it with RipioTurismo!

RipioTurismo is a travel company with more than 20 years in the travel industry, working with groups and individual travellers visiting South America since 2000. 

Feel free to contact us. We´re here to help you

If you´re a travel agent, please visit our Travel Agent section

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