Enjoy the most amazing cruises
in South America

Navigate the southern channels to discover the Cape Horn, or the incredible Amazonas, or discover the incredible nature in Galapagos Islands

Discover southern channels and fjords in the Chilean Patagonia

Two great options in the southern Patagonia, to discover glaciers, channels, fjords, ice, ice and more ice. There are two options, leaving from Puerto Natales, or Puerto Montt, both in the Chilean Patagonia. 

SKorpios III Home cruceros_Mesa de trabajo 1

Skorpios III: Kaweskar Route (3 nights)

Leaving from Puerto Natales in the chilean Patagonia, the Skorpios III cruise navigate the southern channels and fjords, to discover amazing glaciers and unique remote

Skorpios II Home Cruceros_Mesa de trabajo 1

Skorpios II: Chonos Route (5 nights)

From Puerto Montt in the lakes disctrict of Chile, the Skopios II Cruise offers a wonderful 5-night expedition cruise to enjoy Santa Cruz Glacier, channels and fjords in Patagonia, and Chiloe Island

Disembark in the mythical Cape Horn, and enjoy amazing glaciers in Tierra del Fuego

From Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, or viceversa, Australis is a wonderful cruise expedition to discover the mythical Cape Horn, but also many glaciers and fjords in Tierra del Fuego Island, in southern Patagonia. Enjoy a 4-night cruise, or combine both in a wonderful 8-night cruise

Australis Cruise expedition to Cape Horn and southern fjords in Patagonia

Australis Cruise: Patagonian Explorer (4 nights)

Disembark in the mythical Cape Horn, and discover southern glaciers, islands and islets in this remote area of Patagonia aboard a 4-night Aus It´s tralis Cruise leaving from Ushuaia. Australis Cruise is an unforgettable experience

Australis Foto Home 1_Mesa de trabajo 1

Australis Cruise: Fjords of Tierra del Fuego (4 nights)

Enjoy a 4-night expedition cruise from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia, with disembarkation in the Cape Horn, and visiting southern channels and fjords around Tierra del Fuego Island.

australis home 4_Mesa de trabajo 1

Australis Cruise: Darwin´s Route from Ushuaia (8 nights)

A round trip cruise from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, and back to Ushuaia, to discover the Cape Horn and southern glaciers. It´s a combination of Patagonian Explorer and Fjords of Tierra del Fuego Routes

australis home 2_Mesa de trabajo 1

Australis Cruise: Darwin´s Route from Punta Arenas (8 nights)

Same 8-night expedition cruise but from Punta Arenas. Disembark the Cape Horn, enjoy the incredible landscapes of the southern Patagonia and taste the exquisite gastronomy aboard.

Navigate the Amazonas, and discover a different world

We invite you to cruise the Amazon River aboard a floating 5-star luxury hotel: the Iberostar Heritage Grand Amazon. Relish adventure and nature from the lungs of the earth. Immerse yourself in an authentic experience with scheduled daily activities for you to discover an Amazon that’s truly wild. 

amazon iberostar home 1_Mesa de trabajo 1

Iberostar Amazon Cruise: Rio Negro (4 nights)

Enjoy a wonderful 4-night cruise to discover the Amazon Rainforst. Navigate the Negro River and discover the immensity of the Amazon jungle.

iberostar grand amazon 2_Mesa de trabajo 1

Iberostar Amazon Cruise: Rio Solimoes (3 nights)

A perfect cruise to enjoy the Amazon Rainforest, in a 3-night expedition aboard the Iberostar Amazon Cruise, Rio Solimoes.

Visit the Galapagos Islands, and discover a world full of incredible wildlife

Discover this incredible place in Ecuador, an amazing archipelago full of wildlife: the incredible giant turtle, but also the marine iguana, the Galapagos Sea Lion, the Galapagos Penguin, the Lava Lizard, the Blue-Footed Booby, and an incredible number of birds. 

galapagos Santa Cruz II Cruise_Mesa de trabajo 1

Santa Cruz II Cruise to Western Galapagos (4 nights)

Discover the western area of Galapagos Islands aboard the Santa Cruz II Cruise. It´s a wonderful 4-night expedition cruise to visit the archipelago, from Baltra.

galapagos home santa cruz_Mesa de trabajo 1

Santa Cruz II Cruise to Northern Galapagos (4 nights)

Enjoy the northern area of the Galapagos Archipelago, in a wonderful 4-night cruise, leaving from Baltra. Enjoy the incredible nature of Galapagos Islands!

santa cruz galapagos Cruise_Mesa de trabajo 1

Santa Cruz II Cruise to Galapagos Islands (7-nights)

Enjoy this complete 7-night cruise aboard Santa Cruz II Cruise, to enjoy the best of Galapagos Islands: discover the giant turtle, and the incredible nature of the islands.

Antarctica? Enjoy this incredible cruise to the white continent

It´s a wonderful 12-night expedition cruise to the white continent of Antarctica. 

basecamp foto ancha home cruceros_Mesa de trabajo 1

Basecamp Cruise to Antarctica (12 nights)

The Basecamp Cruise offers you a myriad of ways to explore and enjoy the Antarctic Region. This expedition allows you to hike, snowshoe, kayak, go mountaineering, and even camp out under the Southern Polar skies...

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