311 - Skorpios III Cruise: Kaweskar Route

An amazing 3-night cruise visiting glacier and route of fjords in Patagonia!

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3-night Skorpios Cruise visiting southern fjords and glaciers in Patagonia!

If you want to make a complete visit to southern patagonian landscapes, the Skorpios III Cruises route is a must. The cruises are fantastic and will navigate along southern channels and fjords of Chile, visiting many glaciers and incredible landscapes in this remote area. The 3-night cruises depart from Puerto Natales and navigate through the Magellanic fjords and channels; disembarking on the Amalia, El Brujo, Bernal, Alsina Glaciers, and those in the area of Fiordo Calvo. Disembarkations are a really unique experience, to make trekkings and enjoying ice, ice and ice. It´s not Antarctica, but you will discover amazing Patagonian places such as the patagonian ide field. This cruise is ideal to be combined with your visit to Torres del Paine National Park. Take a look to our day-by-day itineraries and check departure dates and cabins available. The Skorpios 3 offers a wonderful service aboard. Check vessels information and cabins available.

Enjoy southern fjords and glaciers of Chile aboard Skorpios III cruise! Book your cruise today!


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Day 1

SKORPIOS III - PUERTO NATALES: Embarkation and departure

Passenger reception starts at 17.15 hrs and after that, we will take a safety speech about the vessel. You´re aboard the Skorpios III Cruise to enjoy an unforgettable expedition cruise to the southern channels and fjords of Patagonia.  Departure from Puerto Natales will be between 17.30 hrs. and 18.00 hrs. We start sailing through Angostura Kirke, Morla, Vicuña, Unión, Collingwood, and Sarmiento channels. It´s our first day. Relax with the views and be ready to enjoy dinner aboard.


Day 2

SKORPIOS III - Enjoy El Brujo and Amalia Glaciers!

On our second day, we will arrive at Amalia Glacier around 8 am. So be ready after your breakfast, because your cruise will approach the glacier and you will enjoy an incredible experience. First, we will enjoy a panoramic view from the ship, and around 09.30 am, we will disembark on a nearby beach, to start soft hiking through the beach, to learn more about local flora, fauna, and rocks,  and arriving at a viewpoint where we can appreciate this beautiful glacier.

After that, and around 11.30 am, we will start navigation to El Brujo Glacier. Around 2 pm and if weather and ice permitting, passengers can disembark and contemplate this incredible glacier from a nearby rock.

Around 3,30 pm we sail to the amazing Calvo Fjord.  and around 5 pm we will arrive at Calvo Fjord and start excursion aboard the “Capitán Constantino” icebreaker, an appropriate ship to navigate in the iced waters. We visit the Fernando, Capitán Constantino, and Alipio glaciers, among others. Around 8 pm we sail towards Montañas Fjord. We complete a full day of activities enjoying this incredible place of Patagonia. Be ready for dinner and overnight.



Day 3

SKORPIOS III CRUISE: Enjoying more glaciers and fjords of Patagonia!

After breakfast, and around 9 am, we will visit Montañas Fjord, from where we can see four amazing glaciers, that slide down the Sarmiento Mountains to the sea, two of them are on our route.

After that, around 09.30 am, we will visit Alsina Glacier. Again, we will disembark to enjoy an excursion on our boats, to explore this small bay and its glacier, enjoying its beauty and enormous mountains surrounding the area. At 10.30 am approx, we return to Skorpios III and continue sailing through Montañas Fjord toward Bernal Glacier.

At 11.15 am we disembark in Bernal Glacier to initiate a soft walking in a small native forest, and then crossing through a stream, which crosses a glacier water lagoon. Continue soft hiking over front and side moraines until arriving at the glacier. Once there, passengers can feel and touch the ice and appreciate the iceberg melting. You will see ice, ice, and more ice!

12.45 am. Passengers return to the ship, which is in the natural water supplying phase. This water, provided from a cascade, is used onboard for all ship services and around 2 pm, Skorpios III continues sailing through Montañas Fjord. We will be able to see Herman and Zamudio glaciers from the ship. Be ready to take incredible photos!

Around 5.45 pm, we arrive to White angostura. Disembarkation in our zodiacs to sail among island and islets, enjoying the native fauna and flora. Around 7 pm we return to the ship. Free time to be ready for the Captain’s dinner arouund 9 pm.  Farewell Party. Captain’s Dinner and dance. Navigation through Almirante Montt gulf.



Day 4

SKORPIOS III CRUISE: Return to Puerto Natales

On our last day, we will arrive in Puerto Natales between 02.00 hrs. and 07.00 hrs. depending on wind conditions, to reach Skorpios Terminal back in Puerto Natales

Between 8 and 9,30 am, and after breakfast, passengers are ready for disembarkation in Puerto Natales Terminal.

Note: The program and schedules may change depending on weather conditions or force majeure. Also, disembarkations will depend on the authorization of the captain of the ship who will evaluate the safety and ice conditions of each place. Timings of lectures and activities will be informed during the sailing.

If you continue with us, in an organized tour, we will transfer you to the airport in Punta Arenas, or hotel in Puerto Natales, or Puerto Natales bus station, to continue with your itinerary. If you only booked the cruise, end of our services. 

End of our services. We can personalize your program, by adding or deleting nights, add new destinations, or make any necessary change. Just let us know. Optional activities you can see below each day, are just suggested options. You can add any of these activities to your quotation, or ask for any other available in each destination.


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Cruise's Departures

Departures for Skorpios III - Kaweskar Route in Patagonia, RipioTurismo DMC for Chile and Cruises in Patagonia

Cruise's Prices

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Cruise's Deck Plan

Deck Plan for Skorpios III - Kaweskar Route in Patagonia, RipioTurismo DMC for Chile and Cruises in Patagonia


Enjoy one of the must-see in Patagonia, visiting Puerto Natales. Yes, from there you can visit the unique Torres del Paine National Park and enjoy other glaciers in the area.

DAY 1 – Arrival to Puerto Natales!
DAY 2 – Visiting Torres del Paine National Park
DAY 3 – Enjoy a full day boat navigation to Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers!
DAY 4 – Good bye Puerto Natales…

It`s just a suggested program, we can add or delete nights, and modify activities. If you`re looking for trekkings or a more active program based in trekkings in Torres del Paine, please ask for our 304 tour: Torres del Paine Basic Program.

Learn more about this tour


Enjoy the best of Santiago de Chile, the capital city with a wide variety of international attractions. Enjoy a wonderful city tour, take a journey to Viña del Mar and Valpariso, and enjoy wineries and vineyards in the area of Maipo Canyon!

DAY 1 –  Arrival to the capital city!
DAY 2 – City Tour visiting the best of Santiago
DAY 3 – We visit Viña del Mar and Valparaiso!
DAY 4 – Good bye Santiago de Chile

It`s just an starting point, we can quote any special program for you

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