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1020 - Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls & Buenos Aires

9 nights visiting Rio, Iguazu Falls & Buenos Aires!

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Enjoy Rio, Iguazu Falls & Buenos Aires in 9 nights!

A perfect tour for travelers looking to visit the two capital cities and the incredible Iguazu Falls. It`s a 9-night program, but can be short if you need or add an overnight at the end. Starting in Rio de Janeiro (but also can run in reverse starting in Buenos Aires), the program includes the visit to the incredible Corcovado Mount and the Christ the Redeemer on top, considered one of the new 7 wonders of the world. You also visit the Sugar Loaf, to see imposing views of Guanabara Bay and the beaches surrounding it. Travel to the beaches, and discover Copacabana and Ipanema , learn more about the Carnival culture visiting the Sambodromo, see the Maracana Stadium, and more. Then, we will take a flight directly to Iguazu Falls, to visit this Unesco World Heritage and new 7-wonders of nature! We will go to the Brazilian and the Argentinian side. Be ready to take hundreds of photos of this unique place on earth. Finally, we will take a new flight directly to Buenos Aires, to visit this “European style” city in South America (it´s a travel in time, to the beginnings of the XX century), and enjoy the Tango, the exquisite gastronomy (take a look and taste the beef, the mate, the empanadas, and the Malbec wine!). Discover some interesting places that all our travelers like: Caminito in La Boca, San Telmo, 9 de Julio Avenue, the Obelisk, Colon Theatre, Recoleta, Palermo, Puerto Madero and more! Taste the exquisite Argentinian Beef before return back to home!

Read more about these three destinations in our Travel Guide for Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and Rio de Janeiro.  Book today this amazing tour and enjoy Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires with RipioTurismo!

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Day 1


Arrive at Rio de Janeiro airport and transfer to your hotel. Rio de Janeiro was founded in 1565 and it´s one of the most incredible cities you can visit in South America. The warmth of its people, the colorful culture, the incredible beaches, and the landscapes, makes Rio a must-see on your trip to South America. After arrival at the hotel, free time to rest. If you are an active person and arrived early, you can choose any of the following activities available. Take a look at the list below

Our Suggested Hotels
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Day 2

RIO DE JANEIRO: City Tour with Sugar Loaf

After breakfast, and in the morning, we will start our first visit to the incredible Cidade Maravilhosa, in Portuguese Wonderful City. Tour starts with unique panoramic views of the beaches. One of the first stops is the Metropolitan Cathedral, where we will stop for some good photos and learn a bit more about the history of the city. Then, we will go directly to take the cable car to enjoy the Sugar Loaf, an icon of the city. Be ready with your camera to take unique panoramic landscapes of Guanabara Bay and surrounding beaches. You also can see Niteroi and Santa Cruz Fortress from there, and the local beaches of Botafogo and Flamengo. After enjoying the hill for about 45 minutes, we will continue with our trip. We will cross the Santa Barbara tunnel, to see downtown Rio and then go directly to the Sambodromo, a special place that holds the Carnival, the most important event in Rio every year.

Return to our hotel and free time for lunch. It´s a half-day excursion, so you can choose any of the activities listed below to enjoy the afternoon and evening in Rio de Janeiro.

Day 3

RIO DE JANEIRO: Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer

After breakfast, we will start our second visit to Rio de Janeiro. The main attraction is the incredible Christ the Redeemer Statue, declared recently as one of the new seven wonders of the world. It´s located at the top of the Corcovado mountain, which was named for its shape, due to its narrow summit. The statue of Christ the Redeemer was built in 1926 and was a really big challenge for the engineers. It is the most popular attraction of Corcovado mountain and one of the must-sees in Rio de Janeiro. Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer bring over 300,000 visitors every year. From the peak’s platform, the panoramic view includes downtown Rio, as well as the south area. Be ready to take excellent photos from there

After visiting the statue, we will continue our tour to visit Tijuca Forest. It is a natural boundary that splits the city in two. The park has over 3000 species of plants, and hundreds of bird types, and great biodiversity. Without the park, the city temperature would probably increase around two degrees celsius. In general, the tour includes a visit to Corcovado mountain, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, the Tijuca Forest, the Chinese View, the Taunay`s Waterfalls, and the Visitor Center.

Return to your hotel and free time for lunch. Again, it´s a half-day trip so you can enjoy the beach on your own, or maybe add some of our optional tours and enjoy Rio de Janeiro during the afternoon and also in the evening with some interesting dinners and shows.

Day 4

RIO DE JANEIRO: Good bye cidade maravilhosa!

After breakfast, free time until your transfer to the airport. If your flight leaves in the afternoon or also in the evening, you can add some interesting optional activities from the list below.

Goodbye Rio de Janeiro!

IGUAZU FALLS: Arrival to Iguazu & check in

Arrival to Iguazu (Puerto Iguazu or Foz do Iguaçu, depending your flight). It`s the gate to visit one of the most incredible shows of nature in South America and the world! Yes, Iguazu Falls was recently declared as one of the new 7-wonders of nature and it`s a UNESCO World Heritage. And of course, a must-see when you visit Argentina or Brazil.
After arrival, we will transfer you to the hotel for check in and rest. Free time to enjoy the pool, or walk the city at your own.

Our Suggested Hotels

Day 5

IGUAZU FALLS: The Argentinian Side. Enjoying the falls

After breakfast, we will start one of the best excursions you can do in Argentina. Iguazu Falls is a unique place in the world, with all the magic of nature.  The guide will transfer to to the Parque Nacional Iguazu, located in the argentinian side. The park is amazing, and offers up to 8 kilometers of trails to enjoy the falls, basically in three different circuits called Upper Circuit, Lower Circuit and the Trail to the incredible Devil`s Throat with the Ecological Train of the Jungle. The Devil`s Throat is a set of 80 meters high waterfalls that flow into a narrow gorge, which concentrates the largest flow of the Iguazú Falls, being in turn these waterfalls the largest flow in the world. The show is unique and amazing!
There are many optional activities you can choose. Take a look to some of them below. 

After visiting the park, return to the hotel

Day 6

IGUAZU FALLS: The Brazilian Side, a unique panoramic view of the falls

After breakfast, we will start our visit to the brazilian side of the falls. The park is called Parque Nacional do Iguaçu and the visit is basically a bus ride to enjoy the jungle, and finally a wonderful panoramic view of the falls, along the 1500 mts trail and the elevator. The landscape is unique, so be ready with your camera to take hundred of unforgettable photos!
It`s a half day tour that can be combined with any of the optional activities like the Parque Das Aves (Bird`s Park), or the visit to Itaipu Dam. And you also can add some adventure activities during your visit. Check optionals below.

Day 7

IGUAZU FALLS: Good bye to the falls

After breakfast, free time until transfer to local aiprort to take flight to your next destination.

BUENOS AIRES: Arrival to the capital city

Welcome to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina and one of the most important cities in South America. After arriving at the International Airport, called Ministro Pistarini and known by the name of Ezeiza, you will be ready to enjoy the European style in the architecture, history, the unique experience of tango, great gastronomy, and the warmth of the local people called “Porteños”. You will stay 3 nights in this unique city and the first day is free to rest. But, if you`re an active person, interested in make some great activities just after arrival, take a look at our optional tours before continue reading. We have many options to offer for any kind of traveler, check details in the following list:

Our Suggested Hotels
La Boca, Buenos Aires

Day 8

BUENOS AIRES: City Tour & Dinner Tango Show

After breakfast, we will start a 4-hour city tour visiting the best of Buenos Aires. As we told you, Buenos Aires is one of the most european cities in South America, to be honest… the most. And it`s because the european influence in the architecture of the beginnings of the past century, when Argentina was the sixth country in the world…

Our tour includes different areas in the city. We will enjoy La Boca, one of the most famous places, that includes Caminito and Boca Juniors Stadium called “La Bombonera”. Of course, we will visit San Telmo, another traditional place in Buenos Aires. Please note, on sundays the famous San Telmo fair will be opened where you can find many interesting antiques.

Our tour also includes the visit to the traditional Plaza de Mayo, with the Government House called “Casa Rosada”, the Cabildo, the Cathedral, and all the history around this emblematic square. We will see the Obelisk and 9 de Julio Avenue. Then, Colon Theatre, one of the most important opera houses in the world. You can take a guided visit if you want, but it`s important to buy tickets in advance. Check with us about this optional activity with more details.

This tour will allow us to get to know other areas of the city, like neighborhoods of Recoleta, Palermo and Puerto Madero, a renovated dockside area with a rich gastronomy offer, where you can finalize your tour and enjoy a great lunch and taste the local gastronomy.

After this tour, you`re free to enjoy the city at your own. There are many activities to do, like the visit to Colon Theatre with Walking Tour, or the excursion to Tigre Delta.

In the evening, you can enjoy some optional tours, like an amazing Tango Show, or a Buenos Aires by night activity before return to your hotel and rest for our next trip tomorrow. Check our options below.

Day 9

BUENOS AIRES: Enjoying the countryside. Visit to an estancia in the Pampas

After breakfast, we will start our tour to the Pampas, to visit one of the traditional estancias or farms. It`s one of the classic visits you can enjoy during your stay in Buenos Aires. usually called “Fiesta Gaucha” and where we will make activities associated with the local traditions, like the typical “Asado Criollo”, an unforgettable horse riding, and the traditional folklore show. After lunch which is included of course, we will enjoy some gaucho demonstration with horses, in activities called Carreras de Sortijas.

Return to the hotel is around 5 pm, and you have some free time for rest, or may be enjoy some of our optional activities available below. We`re ready to help you

Again, evening is free to choose any of our available activitites. Check below

Day 10

BUENOS AIRES: Good bye to the big city

After breakfast, free time until transfer to the local airport to take flight or to pier to take boat to our next destination.

See optional excursions available and details in the list below

End of our services. We can personalize your program, by adding or deleting nights, add new destinations, or make any necessary change. Just let us know. Optional activities you can see below each day, are just suggested options. You can add any of these activities to your quotation, or ask for any other available in each destination.


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Add a 3-night program to enjoy Salvador de Bahia, the first colonial city in Brazil and one of the most colorful places you can visit

DAY 1 – Arrival to Salvador de Bahia!
DAY 2 – Enjoy a city tour visiting Salvador and the Pelourinho
DAY 3 – Choose from many activities available
DAY 4 – Good bye Bahia!

It`s just a suggested program, we can add or delete nights and customize the program for you!

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Enjoy El Calafate, gate to the incredible Perito Moreno and many glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park. This area is one of the highlights in Patagonia and Argentina.

DAY 1 – Welcome to El Calafate. Free time
DAY 2 – Visit to the incredible Perito Moreno Glacier. You can add a minitrekking to walk over the ice of the glacier
DAY 3 – Choose from some good options to navigate the Argentino Lake in Los Glaciares National Park and enjoy different glaciers!
DAY 4 – Good bye El Calafate!

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