RipioTurismo Interview: Patagonia Camp, glamping in Torres del Paine National Park

Ramiro Rodriguez
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Patagonia Camp, glamping in Chile


Glamping. I`m sure you heard about that. It`s a new concept that combines camp activities with comfort. And some of these services are really great. Patagonia Camp is one of them, and one of my favorites. For that, we meet today Isabel Meneses, Tour and Travel and Marketing Manager at Patagonia Camp to chat about this wonderful product in the gates of Torres del Paine National Park.


- Hello Isabel, how`re you? Thanks for receiving us today.

- Hello Ramiro, welcome back. It`s a pleasure for me to receive you today in Patagonia Camp.


The afternoon is fantastic. The skies of Patagonia always give us awesome shows, with a fabulous mix of blues, oranges and grays. We set comfortably in front of the window that overlooks the lake. The landscape is fascinating.



- Well Isabel, I was surprised my first time, but honestly, I`m surprised again. Patagonia Camp is really wonderful. But, let`s talk about glamping. It`s a new style of traveling around the world, and Patagonia and TGorres del Paine is perfect for that. Which are the services that Patagonia Camp provides for the visitors?

- Well, at Patagonia Camp we offer all-inclusive programs with two options: shared and private programs. The difference is that on the shared one our guests shared fix transfers and excursions. It is a good way to share different experiences and have fun knowing people from different parts of the world; and on a private program, guests will have a van, driver and vehicle at their entire disposal. Perfect for those who look for seclusion.
Our all-inclusive shared program includes transfer in and out, daily excursions to Torres del Paine National Park and surroundings, from soft to hard difficulty level activities, bilingual guides, full board with a careful selection of local food and organic wines from Matetic Vineyards, and entrance fee to the National Park.
And the last but not the least is the accommodation in Yurts of Patagonia Camp, a very special kind of Mongolian style tent adapted to the Patagonian weather, where guest can enjoy the same comfort of a hotel room but in a luxury tent in the middle of the forest with amazing views to the mountains; a really different experience in accommodation



- Yurts are really an attraction... I really loved it. But, why you suggest staying in a yurt? Which are the differences with a hotel?

- Mainly, this project has been created for those who love nature, and for those who maybe are not that familiar to the outdoors but want to experience something different and new. In this day more than ever is very important to re-connect with nature to re-fill us from it’s the energy. When you are in a conventional hotel, you are actually disconnected from what is happening outside; and from a Yurt of Patagonia Camp, you can have and feel the connection with the outdoors but with great comfort. You can watch the starry night through the skylight from your comfy super king-size bed, or listening to the birds singing, and observing the forest all around... is like camping but with maximum comfort; it´s glamping!



- I absolutely agree with that Isabel, It`s wonderful. And what`s the best season to stay in Patagonia Camp?

- Our favorite season is definitively Autumn, the colors in that time of the year are very beautiful and magical, the temperature is warmer than Spring and travelers can enjoy the true spirit of Patagonia out of the crowds.


- Great, Autumn then...  March, April... And how many nights do you recommend staying in Patagonia Camp? 

- We always recommend staying at least four nights; in that way, travelers can have 3 full days to explore the area, and have more chances of seeing the mountains. As you know, the weather in Patagonia used to change very fast and is pretty unpredictable, so, it’s always good to have more chances.



Big grey clouds win the battle against the sun in the skies of Patagonia, at least for a moment. Now there is a light rain that highlights the green of the vegetation surrounding the camp. A couple of happy hikers return from their journey and they`re ready for a drink, while enjoying the view. We`re ready for a fabulous sunset, in spite of the sun in Patagonia usually stays late during the summer. 


-  Isabel, we know that you receive people from around the globe... But from where they come? Europe, USA and Canadà? Asia?

Well Ramiro, we do receive travelers from many different countries, but in the last years we´ve receiving mainly guest from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, among others


- Ok, and what they can do when visiting Patagonia Camp? We know you offer a wide variety of activities and explorations. But, which are the most required by the clients? And which ones you recommend for an active traveler?

- Indeed we have quite a few activities offered at Patagonia Camp. The most required are those taking you to the main lookouts of the Paine mountain range. It can be "Miradores" and "Historical Patagonia" where you can see the local Patagonian fauna and enjoy a nice mild hike. For a deeper connection with our forest, we have some self-guided walks in the soundings of our Camp. In addition, for those who want more active and challenging walks we recommend doing any of the sections of the "W multi-day hike" which we offer as full-day long hikes. "Base of the Towers", "The French Valley" and "Grey Trek".

A guide comes to the room, and meets the couple that drinks a cup of coffee. They will talk about what to do tomorrow. There are many options to choose from, and the weather is an important point. The rain takes place to hail, but only for a moment because the sun once again returns to dominates the skies of Patagonia, and the green of the trees stands out much more now. The guide suggests to the couple to organize the trek to the towers tomorrow.



- Why guides are so important in Patagonia Camp? How they arrange explorations?  

- Guides are a crucial piece of inspiration and discovery among Patagonia Camp staff. The perfect cultural and environmental companionship for a hike in nature. In order to ensure the best service quality, we gather all guest's requests regarding their personal preferences and open excursions based on it on daily basis. Always contemplating the weather forecast and the physical capacities of each guest. The knowledge of our local guides will make a difference.


- Have you specific fishing programs for people interested in this activity?

Yes we do, with our experienced guides and specialized equipment, travelers will be able to enjoy incredible days of fishing in Patagonia Camp’s beautiful reserve and surroundings. Torres del Paine has some of the world’s purest rivers and lakes. The region’s hydrographic system connects the waters from centuries-old glaciers through serpentine rivers and into beautifully clear lakes and lagoons. You can find Brown and Rainbow trout that weigh between 1 and 8 kg




- Wow, we have some good fishermen that would be very happy with that. You really offer a wide variety of activities to choose from. And what`s the best of Patagonia Camp in your opinion?

- Patagonia Camp offers a unique experience in one of the most remote and exciting places in the world.  We are inserted in the middle of a native forest with a privileged view of the mountains and Lake Toro. We stand out for offering a personalized service, with a homely atmosphere, where we project our joy and our passion for the care of the environment to anyone who chooses to stay with us.

A place without people is just a place, but Patagonia Camp is an amazing place thanks to the amazing people who work there, you can feel their care, their relentless disposition to serve you, to share with you… and combined with the amazing scenery, the result is a unique travel and life experience…


- Ok, I hope to return to Patagonia Camp soon, for me it`s one of my favorite places in Patagonia. Thanks for your time Isabel, nice to meet you here again

- You`re welcome Ramiro. We will be waiting for you again and for your clients in Patagonia Camp.



I`m ready to return to my yurt to enjoy my last night in Patagonia Camp. But first, I choose to drink something more, to enjoy the sunset and the incredible overview over Lake Toro. I hope to return soon.

No doubt, Patagonia Camp is an amazing experience, in the gates of Torres del Paine National Park. For more information, quotations, and more, just email me to

I will be waiting for your message. I will send you a good quotation to combine Patagonia Camp with some other great destinations in Argentina and Chile.

You can find information in our website

Enjoy a wonderful video about Patagonia Camp here:


Thank you!



Thanks to Isabel Meneses and Patagonia Camp for the photos and information provided.

Ramiro Rodriguez
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