The Argentinian Northwest: The incredible Train to the Clouds

One of the highlights in the Argentinian Northwest, is the incredible Train to the Clouds. It`s a unique trip, starting with a transfer along 51 National Route with some photo stops in panoramic points of interest. Then, we will embark in the incredible train to visit the Precordillera de los Andes. You will enjoy many lansdscapes, but also know and learn more about history of the train. Mr Richard Fontain Maury was who started with this incredible project in 1920. A combination of engineering and armony with the landscape.


Services included

  • Reception of the passengers
  • Delivery of the travel program.
  • Transfer from hotel to the train station
  • Transfer to San Antonio de los Cobres by bus.
  • Country breakfast consisting of infusions and regional snacks
  • Guide aboard the Train to the Clouds
  • Ceremony to the flag in the La Polvorilla Viaduct.
  • Transfer from the station to the meeting points in the center of town.
  • Transfer from the station to the City of Salta.
  • Snack
  • Cleaning service on board the train.
  • Safety on board the Train.


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The route


06:15 hs Check-In in Antofagasta Square in front of the Salta Capital Train Station.

07:35 hs Campo Quijano, Photo stop.

07:35 hs Viaducto el Toro, Photo stop..

08:55 hs Km 66 Geological formation Yacoraite, Photo Stop.

09:25 hs El Alfarcito Fundacion Padre Chifri, Country Breakfast and Tour.

11:40 hs Station of San Antonio de los Cobres , Arrival for transfer to train.

12:00 hs Station of San Antonio de los Cobres , Departure by Train to Viaducto La Polvorilla.

13:00 hs Viaducto La Polvorilla,Arrival and Descent of visit to the place.

13:30 hs Viaducto La Polvorilla, Departure to San Antonio de los Cobres.

14:45 hs Station of San Antonio de los Cobres , Arrival from the Viaduct, transfer to bus to go to town. Free time.

16:30 hs Station of San Antonio de los Cobres, Departure to start the return by bus.

17:20 hs Santa Rosa de Tastil, Technical stop with optional visit to the Archaeological Museum. Snack.

17:40 hs Santa Rosa de Tastil, Departure to Salta Capital.



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