Estancias in Patagonia: good options from El Calafate

Ramiro Rodriguez
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Estancias in Patagonia are inspiring... thousand of hectares of nothing... just steppe, sheep, incredible flat terrain. Kilometers of extension with some majestic backdrops. And visit them, is a nice activity for foreign visitors. To learn more about sheep shearing, history, and life of the people who work in the countryside in this incredible corner of the world. If you visit El Calafate, of course, that Perito  Moreno Glacier and many other glaciers in the area, located in Los Glaciares National Park, are a must-see and a highlight of the area, but Estancias... Estancias are very important to me. Take half-day at least to visit one of them if you`re in the area. Let me talk about some of them:


Estancias in Patagonia. Estancias in El Calafate: 25 de Mayo, Nibepo Aike, Estancia Cristina, El Galpon




Estancia 25 de Mayo has 17,000 hectares of land, and its old town is located steps from downtown El Calafate, an ideal place to relax and enjoy the scenery at the foot of the Cerro Calafate, breathing the fresh Patagonian air. A proposal to discover the rural side of the destination, one of the great pioneers stays.


18.00 hs. Reception and welcome with a mate and fried cakes and coffee carter.
Arreo with dogs and sheep shearing demonstration.
Visit the Old shearing shed, sheep pens, and bathrooms of stay.
Walk along a trail Arroyo Calafate. Interpretation of flora
Cup of mulled wine in the Mirador de Arroyo.
Walk organic garden constructions and first stay.
Knitters and local craft show the spinning process and hand weaving.
Video projection of recognition of the pioneer families.


Dinner is maybe one of the best moments. The lamb barbecue is amazing...
Input: Empanadas Creole and pickled eggplant. Main: Lamb Barbecue grill and salads from the garden. Dessert of the house. * Folkloric Show local artists, tour of typical dances of the country. * 22.30 End of the visit. Excluding drinks - Regular transfers to/from hotels Pick up: 17:30 pm Drop off: 23.00 hs Dessert of the house.
Folkloric Show local artists, a tour of typical dances of the country.
22.30 End of the visit.


The visit:

Another option is Nibepo Aike. Of course, the estancia offers accommodation, and I will talk about it, but if guests do not have enough time to spend the night at the estancia, this program is perfect to experience the Patagonian rural life and complements the tour to the glaciers. It can be visited either in the morning or the afternoon and participate in different activities according to the time of each one. Among the activities, visitors can attend tests for horse reins and sheep shearing demonstration, hikes, and horseback riding of 1 or 3 hours. The trip ends with an exquisite lamb grilled on a traditional Patagonian cross stake. In the case of special groups, some specific gaucho skills demonstrations can be added.


ticket estancia nibepo aike - El Calafate, Patagonia



A house with more than 100 years of history. An opportunity to have a true experience of rural life in a real Patagonian ranch located inside Los Glaciares National Park. New trips to the glaciers were added to the main activities: horseback riding, hiking, and farm activities. At the table, family recipes, the well-known Patagonian roast lamb, and the freshness of the vegetables produced in the ranch's orchard. Night stays recommendable 2 to 4.

Nibepo-Classic and Nibepo Plus. Full board and activities within the ranch are included. In the case of the Nibepo Plus, guests are assigned a private guide who coordinates each stay adapting to their interests and preferences. In the case of Nibepo Classic, guests join the agenda of daily activities.


• Farming activities, cattle branding, dressage or milking, sheep shearing and herding, and demonstrations of typical riding skills on criollo horses.
• Horseback riding & hiking: different paths allow exploring the grounds of the estancia and discovering its flora and fauna. The Rio Cachorro valley, the shore of Lake Argentino, the border landmark, the outposts, the hills of the Cerro Cristal are part of the routes that can be done on foot, on horseback, or by bicycle.





Only 20 kilometers away from El Calafate, on the same way to the Perito Moreno Glacier, is an old sheep farm named “El Galpón del Glaciar”. The establishment is surrounded by 3,5 kilometers of the shore of the Lago Argentino and by 1,5 kilometers of the riverbank of the Centinela River: both offer an ideal environment to enjoy activities in contact with nature. Welcome. We will be waiting for you to know and to enjoy Patagonia.


The visit

If you choose El Galpon We invite you to discover our field trip, an ideal program to enjoy Patagonia and get in close contact with nature. We will greet you with a traditional reception in our old-fashioned shearing shed, which was built in 1912. Then you will get to know the Estancia and learn about its history, the place and all the typical activities in Patagonia: a guided walk to the shores of the Lago Argentino, sheepherding with kelpies dogs and gauchos, shearing demonstration and other rural activities are all part of our proposal. To end an exciting day, a delicious dinner with the famous Patagonian Lamb and a local music show add up to experience the true life in Patagonia. We will be waiting for you!

The Lodge

The Lodge has 16 comfortable, double, and triple rooms, with view to the magnificent Andes Mountains or to Argentino Lake. To staying there, you can enjoy many activities available, like trekkings, sheep activities, horseback riding and more.
For bookings or more information, just contact me or you can visit our websites or 
Thank you,
Ramiro Rodriguez
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