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The Best of Patagonia with Skorpios III

Ramiro Rodriguez

Ramiro Rodriguez
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There are many places to visit in Patagonia, but if you have two weeks, our Incredible Patagonia tour is a great option to include highlights of Patagonia in two weeks.

But if you can extend your stay for 3-nights, this program is the most complete experience to visit the best of Patagonia with Skorpios III Cruise. The Kaweskar Route, is an amazing expedition to visit the southern glaciers and fjords in chilean Patagonia, with many disembarkations to visit amazing landscapes.

Take a look to my article about SKORPIOS III – KAWESKAR ROUTE

So, the incredible Patagonia with Australis Cruise, is a 17-night program that includes Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, El Calafate, Torres del Paine, the Skorpios III and Santiago de Chile.

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