When you visit Buenos Aires, for the first time or not, a must-see in the capital city of Argentina is a Tango Show. There are different options to choose in Buenos Aires, but some of them are unique and different. There are also options to enjoy Wine Tastings and take Tango Lessons to learn more about this incredible dance. So, let me talk about some of the best options:

It´s a traditional tango show. Located in the historical area of San Telmo, La Ventana offers first class tango shows and meals. The house preserves the building’s purity, and it offers an ideal ambience for a unique proposal: Traditional Tango Show with a touch of folklore. There are two typical orchestras: The great orchestra of Juan D´Arienzo and a quintet. Two tango singers and six dancing couples accompany the orchestra.
When folklore arrives, enjoy music of the “Altiplano” and a folklore ballet with a show of “boleadoras” which is fantastic. You can choose to book only show, or dinner tango show. Artists on stage, a menu of typical and international dishes, and exquisite Argentine wines makes La Ventana, one of the best options if you´re looking a traditional show.
For more information and bookings, just visit our website www.dinnertangoshow.com


If you´re looking for something more, I mean more luxury, closest location to artist, better wine, better ambience… well Gala Tango is your option.

Located in San Telmo, in a unique place for the architecture and decoration, with wonderful french-style, Gala Tango offers one of the best options for a Luxury Tango Show in Buenos Aires. Exclusive details of refinement make Gala Tango the most glamorous site of Buenos Aires. From first contact with Gala Tango until the end of the show, you will feel in a different place and live a real tango experience. Gourmet a-la-Carte menu was specially designed for the most exclusive customers accompanied with wines from one of the most exclusive wineries of Argentina. A Tango Show and elegant, warm and refined Folklore Gala Tango defined as a higher level in folk art. Typical Orchestra formed by a quintet (piano, accordion, two violins and bass) accompanied by two tango singers , four couples dancing a show charanguista and more.
You can choose only show, or dinner tango show, and combine this option with a wine tasting or a tango lesson. Check more information in our website www.dinnertangoshow.com


The third option, also located in the historical area of San Telmo, is Aljibe. The new option in Buenos Aires for a Tango Show. Aljibe offers a different offer, to start dinner at 7 pm and enjoy a tango show from 8 pm to 9 pm. So, if you want to return to your hotel early, and not extend your stay until midnight, Aljibe is a great option.

Aljibe Tango refers to the beginnings of the city of Buenos Aires and its old conventillos that forged the popular culture of our country. Our House of Tango located in the historical center of the city continues with this tradition offered to those who visit us a Tango and Folklore Show accompanied by a traditional menu and Argentine wines, to make of your experience a unique souvenir.

Check more information in www.dinnertangoshow.com


As you can see, there are different options. Here, we have three of the most important to choose and enjoy a unique Dinner Tango Show in Bueons Aires. Are you ready to feel Tango?


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