ibera wetlands, Argentina
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The Ibera Wetlands: different gates to reach the nature

Ibera Wetlands: The visit

Ibera Wetlands is an amazing natural place, and of course if you saw my article about how to get Ibera Wetlands, you know now that you can reach the marshes from Posadas in Misiones Province, from Corrientes Airport or via Mercedes and Colonia Carlos Pellegrini in a bus ride from Buenos Aires. What is important is to know the different areas of a vast extension of 700.000 hectares. To start, let me show a great map the Ibera Wetlands:


The Ibera Wetlands: Map & gates available

ibera wetlands reserve map


As you can see, there are different gates, some of them more important than others. Let me talk about the main gate to get in the Ibera Wetlands:


The Ibera Wetlands: Uguay Gate

The Uguay Gate of the Ibera Wetlands is located 82 km from Mercedes and 32 km from Colonia Carlos Pellegrini by RP40. Uguay, which in Guaraní means “bottom with water” or “small corner”, is a remote area of ​​Corrientes where about 20 families live within the Iberá Natural Reserve. The place shows a traditional landscape where espinillo and ñandubay trees shade the livestock of small producers. The place has a small hostelry, with access to the Fernandez Lagoon, having the possibility of staying there. Which activities are available in Ibera Wetlands from Ubay Gate?

Activities on the portal: navigation through the Fernandez Lagoon, flora and fauna sighting, walks on nature trails, horseback riding through the area, and visits to artisans. "Posada Uguay" is the gateway to the Guazu-Cuare reserve, which in Guaraní means "deer refuge". The reserve is a private initiative dedicated to preserving 40 hectares of native forest, grassland and the estuary coast. The staff of the inn comes from the place and is ready to share with guests their knowledge of the area along with their traditional cooking recipes. From the Uguay inn you can experience the most authentic of Iberá: its landscapes, the diversity of species, and the traditions of those who inhabit this land


The Ibera Wetlands: Rio Corriente Gate

A good option if you arrived to Corrientes Airport. The Rio Corriente Gate of the Ibera Wetlands is located 180 km from Corrientes City by RN12 and RN123; and 67km from Mercedes by RN123.

It is a portal that allows you to spend the day, take boat rides or enjoy a "mate" with friends on the banks of the Corriente River. In the gate there is no store. The town of Chavarría has three dining rooms and several rotisseries.

Activities on the portal: boat rides. If you choose the walks that run along the Corriente river to the north, you can go fishing; If, on the other hand, you choose the walks that head south, you can enjoy the sun on one of the many beaches on the islands that appear during the tour.


The Ibera Wetlands: Carambola Gate

The Carambola Gate, is located 190 km from Corrientes and 207 km from Ituzaingó by RN12 and RP118 to Concepción de Yaguareté Corá. From Concepción you have to travel 27 km of gravel road and dirt. It is recommended to enter with a truck or tall vehicle and in the heavy rainy season with 4x4. The portal has a recently opened campsite, it has barbecue areas and full stoves. There is no supply or drinking water; It is necessary to enter with supplies and other basic needs. To enter the portal it is suggested to do it accompanied by a local site guide.


The Ibera Wetlands: San Nicolas Gate

The San  Nicolas gate is located 163 km from Corrientes city  by RP5 to the city of San Miguel, then you have to travel 27 km of sand and dirt road to the gate. It is recommended to enter with tall vehicles or 4x4.  The portal has a camping site, barbecue areas with fireplaces, and bathrooms with a shower with hot water. You can stay overnight. There is no supply or drinking water, so you must enter with supplies and other basic needs.

Activities in the portal: canoeing, kayak excursions, bird watching, horseback riding, pedestrian, bike or vehicular trekking, and visit to artisans in the town of San Miguel. Before going to the San Nicolás gate, we recommend advertising at the Tourist Information Office, request the telephone numbers of service providers there, which must be hired before entering the gate.


The Ibera Wetlands: Cambyretá Gate

The Cambiretá gate in Ibera Wetlands, is located 230 km from Corrientes, 15 km from Ituzaingó and 8 km from Villa Olivari by RN12. The gate is accessed by traveling 29 km of gravel and dirt, recommending entering with tall vehicles. This road is "local" so it is mandatory to close gates and livestock keepers. The portal has a camping area, drinking water, barbecue areas with fireplaces, and bathrooms with hot showers. There is no supply store, so you must enter with supplies and other basic needs. Ituzaingó and Villa Olivari are the closest towns. In Ituzaingó there are different providers that offer guide and transfer services. Ituzaingó, the closest city, has a varied gastronomic offer, including restaurants, pizzerias, hamburgers, take-out houses and pubs.

Activities on the gate: pedestrian or vehicular hiking; and bird watching.


Boat navigations in Ibera Wetlands - RipioTurismo Incoming tour operator Argentina



The Ibera Wetlands: Galarza Gate

Located 318 km from Corrientes (capital), 120 km from Posadas (Misiones), 100 km from Ituzaingó by RN12; 125 km from Santo Tomé by RN14 and 80km from Virasoro by RP37. The Galarza gate is located on provincial route 41, it is gravel, passable all year round. El gate is located in Paraje Galarza and has ecotourism accommodation.

Activities on the Portal: navigation through estuaries and lagoons, bird watching, flora and fauna, walks through estuaries, pastures, and native mountains, night navigation, visits to herbal establishments, visit to Jesuit ruins, 4x4 transfers, guided tours and interpretation in English and Portuguese and lodging in ranches.



The Ibera Wetlands: Laguna Ibera Gate

Maybe the most used by international tourism. The Laguna Ibera gate is located 120 km from Mercedes. It is located at the entrance to the town of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini on RP40.

The gastronomic offer in Pellegrini is varied. You can choose to taste typical dishes or elaborate dishes. There are different dining rooms and two rotisseries. The hotels and posadas offers  complete packages that include meals and excursions.

Activities on the portal: kayak or boat rides through the Iberá Lagoon, hiking, horseback riding, car rides, bird watching, night safaris, and visits to artisans.



Tours to visit Ibera Wetlands

We have some great tours to visit Ibera Wetlands. You can check for example our 161 tour called Buenos Aires, Ibera Wetlands and Iguazu Falls, in a wonderful 9-night itinerary to enjoy the best of the nature in Argentinian Northeast



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Tours to visit Ibera Wetlands and other destinations in Argentina

We have a wide variety of tours to visit the best of Argentina, including Ibera Wetlands and many other amazing destinations. Check our complete list of tours to visit Argentina



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Thank you!


Thanks to Posada Aguape for the photos

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