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How to get Ibera Wetlands?

Getting the Ibera Wetlands: how to arrive to Ibera?


If you´re a nature lover, I´m sure you will be interested in visiting the amazing Ibera Wetlands. And maybe, it´s not clear for you how to arrive at the marshes. Well, the first question you may have is, Can I fly to Ibera Wetlands?


Flights to Ibera Wetlands

You cannot fly to Iberá Wetlands directly. Colonia Pellegrini, the small village located close to the marshes hasn´t an airport. So, the best way to arrive at the Ibera Wetlands by air is flying to the Posadas Airport and also to Corrientes Airport. But let´s analyze it in detail.




How to get Ibera Wetlands from Buenos Aires?

From Buenos Aires, there are several bus companies to reach Ibera Wetlands. In fact, you will arrive at Colonia Carlos Pellegrini in Corrientes Province. It is approximately 671 km to get from Buenos Aires to Iberá Wetlands. A good idea is to catch an overnight bus, to arrive after around 10 hours, in the next morning and start visiting the marshes. Now, what about flights to Ibera Wetlands? Is it possible to fly to the Ibera Wetlands?


How long is the flight from Buenos Aires to Ibera Wetlands? Can I fly to Ibera Wetlands?

No, you cannot fly directly to the Ibera Wetlands, but you have two options to reach the area. You can fly from Buenos Aires to Corrientes, and from there continue by land to Chavarria and visit the south portion of the wetlands, or you can fly from Buenos Aires to Posadas, and continue by land to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, the main gate to the Ibera Wetlands. Both are ok, but the usual way is to fly to Posadas.

Another good idea is to fly to Puerto Iguazu, visiting the incredible Iguazu Falls first, and then go back to Posadas, visiting San Ignacio Mini Ruins on the way, and finalize in Ibera Wetlands. Or you can do it in reverse visiting Ibera Wetlands first and then continue to the amazing Iguazu Falls.



How to get Ibera Wetlands: location map and available flights





Tours to visit Ibera Wetlands

We have some great tours to visit Ibera Wetlands. You can check for example our 161 tour called Buenos Aires, Ibera Wetlands and Iguazu Falls, in a wonderful 9-night itinerary to enjoy the best of the nature in Argentinian Northeast



ticket 161 tour ibera, iguazu, buenos aires_




Tours to visit Ibera Wetlands and other destinations in Argentina

We have a wide variety of tours to visit the best of Argentina, including Ibera Wetlands and many other amazing destinations. Check our complete list of tours to visit Argentina



Tours visiting Argentina. Argentina Tours with RipioTurismo


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