Sao Paulo, Brazil.The commercial and financial heart of the country. RipioTurismo DMC for Brazil
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What to see in Sao Paulo?

Sao Paulo is one of the most amazing cities in Brazil. The most populated and the commercial heart of the country, but also interesting for travellers that arrives to the city. Take a look to some of the activities and visits you can do during your visit to Sao Paulo:


Sao Paulo Market (Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo)

Local markets spring up all over Sao Paulo's suburbs but one you should definitely visit is the big one, the municipal market close to Luz station. Nicknamed the "Mercadao" it's the place for fruits, foods, meats, spices, herbs, the list goes on. Exotic fruits from all over Brazil end up here and you'll be enthusiastically served up samples as you pass the well-stocked stalls. One word of advice - be absolutely certain of what you're buying and at what price.


Sao Paulo Municipal Market - Sao Paulo, DMC RipioTurismo



The Copan Building

Copan was designed by late modernist master Oscar Niemeyer. The building, with its serpentine facade and narrow brises soleil (permanent sunshades), is Sampa's most symbolic structure. You can visit its snaking, sloping ground-floor shopping arcade anytime; its spectacular rooftop opens only on weekdays at 10:30am or 3:30pm, however. The 15-minute visit is no frills – there's barely a railing! – and feels wonderfully unrushed. Checkin at Bloco F (space limited – arrive at least 30 minutes in advance).

Note that the leftist architect designed the building to bring together all classes by including sprawling apartments for the rich as well as tiny studios for the working poor – a real rarity in class-conscious São Paulo. There are over 1150 apartments in total, making it Brazil's largest residential building.

Museu do Arte do Sao Paulo

This incredible museum has Latin America’s most comprehensive collection of Western art. Hovering above a concrete plaza that turns into an antiques fair on Sunday (and acts as a protest gathering point almost always!), the museum, designed by architect Lina Bo Bardi and completed in 1968, is considered a classic of modernism by many and an abomination by a vocal few.

The collection, though, is unimpeachable, and ranges from Goya to El Greco to Manet. The impressionist collection is particularly noteworthy. There are also a few great Brazilian paintings, including three fine works by Cândido Portinari. The permanent collection is housed in glass panels wedged in concrete bases, an original Bo Bardi design that was taken away in 1996 but returned in 2015. Regrettably, the museum seems rather neglected by its guardians, with public areas looking shabby in places. More shocking was the theft in 2007 of paintings by Portinari and Picasso, which revealed that a museum with a billion-dollar collection lacked motion detectors or cameras with infrared capabilities. Fortunately, the two paintings were eventually recovered.


Agua Branca Park (Parque Agua Branca)

Parque Agua Branca is a relaxed place but what makes it different is the fact that it's full of animals - chickens, roosters and horses. The birds run free and the horses are kept in stables ready for horse riding lessons which take place in a sand arena. There are also some awesome trees in the arboretum, including the tree Brazil is named after, the Pau Brasil. Musicians also play here at the weekend (and weekdays sometimes) and there's lots of food to enjoy whilst listening. Take a walk in the area and relax in Agua Branca Park


Parque Agua Branca, Sao Paulo RipioTurismo DMC for Brazil


Museum of Modern Art (MAM)

This is a small gallery and exhibits younger unknown artists from Brazil and South America, although more famous establishment artists show here too.  There's a cafe and restaurant giving you the chance to combine a meal with the art and then go exploring in the park afterwards.


Sao Paulo Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Sao Paulo is at Se, the spiritual centre of the city. Finished in 1954 this is a modern looking church of light grey stone with some nice classical lines. Open most days there are regular services which you can attend. You simply walk in if you want to pray or meditate.

Museum of Football

Yes! it`s Brazil of course! and Football here is a must. It's part of the Estadio do Pacaembu where one of the top clubs in Brazil (Corinthians)  used to play. It's still active as it's used by the city for all kinds of different sports.

Full of photographs, screens, interactive games and momentoes from the past you can also watch films and documentaries showing Brazilian football's great heroes and victories. Some of the exhibits are fascinating, like the photograph of the man who brought the beautiful game to Brazil, a British man called Charles Miller.

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