What to see in Iguazu Falls? RipioTurismo Incoming tour operator in Argentina and Brazil - since 2000 in South America
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What to see in Iguazu Falls?

If you arrived to Puerto Iguazu, or Foz do Iguaçu, the main attraction and the reason why you are visiting the area, is the incredible Iguazu Falls, one of the new 7-wonders of nature, and declared UNESCO World Heritage. It`s a unique place on earth, full of magic of nature, and a must-see if you visit South America. But, which are the other options available in the area, to complete your visit? Take a look to the overview of what to do during your visit go Iguazu:


Iguazu Falls Argentinian Side: Parque Nacional Iguazu

One of the must-see in the area, are the incredible Iguazu Falls, declared recently as one of the new seven wonders of nature and UNESCO World Heritage. The Parque Nacional Iguazu in the argentinian side, offers  an incredible show of nature, in three different amazing circuits: the upper circuit, the lower circuit and the trail to the Devil`s Throat with the Ecological  Train of the Jungle. The argentinian side of the incredible Iguazú Falls consists in 275 falls,some of them up to 80 meters high turning this into a fantastic landscape, making it one of the magical quietness of the jungle and water `s clatter. May be, the highlight is the incredible Devil`s Throat a canyon with 80 to 90 meters wide and 70 to 80 meters deep. Left of this canyon, another part of the river forms 160-200 individual falls, which merge into a single front during flood stage. Another areas to visit during the trip on the argentinian side are the Macuco Trail, Yacaratía Trail, San Martín Island.



Iguazu Falls Brazilian Side: Parque Nacional do Iguaçu

Iguazu is one of the most beautiful ecological reserves of the planet. The Iguazú falls star an unforgettable scenery and during the visit to the brazilian side, you will enter to the Iguaçu National Park, that  keeps the spectacular panoramic view of the 275 falls (most of them located on the argentinian side). From the viewing points, the visitor can appreciate in all its splendour and from different angles the majesty of the falling waters. A huge balcony to appreciate them in all their splendor, integrated with a rainbow and butterfly multicolor show. The brazilian side can be visited in half day, so it`s possible to combine the visit with the Parque Das Aves, or the visit to the Itaipu Dam.



The incredible Helicopter Ride over the falls

If you love to fly, a great idea could be to take the helicopter ride and see the incredible Iguazu Falls, and the Devil`s Throat from the sky. It`s a 10-minute overflight this incredible and unique place on earth. Explore the power and majesty of Iguacu Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world, from a perfect viewing platform with a helicopter tour



The Gran Aventura: Adventure in the argentinian side

A great option to add to your visit to the trails is the Gran Aventura, or Great Adventure Tour. This Great Adventure combines in a single trip the very essence of Iguazu National Park: the jungle and the waterfalls. Departing from the Operative Center or from the Visitors’ Center, we shall enter the jungle by the Yacaratiá trail in trucks specially designed for this environment. Bilingual guides (Spanish and English) will introduce the place’s natural and cultural resources. This 5 kms long stretch ends at Puerto Macuco. At its dock, visitors shall board on the boats that shall be sailing in the Lower Iguazu River for as long as 6 kms, heading towards the waterfalls area, enjoying plentiful rapids. Upon reaching the Tres Mosqueteros Fall, visitors shall be able to see the falls of both the Argentine and Brazilian sides crowned by the view of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). Afterwards, the most exciting point comes when facing the incomparable San Martín waterfall, the second in dimension and the hugest any boat may face. After that we’ll navigate 6km down river until Puerto Macuco from where, after walking up hill 150 mts we’ll ride the trucks 6Km back to our Operative Center. Duration is aproximately 2:15 Hs. and it`s a fantastic and unforgettable experience!



The Macuco Trail

This is a very nice trail to do during your visit to the falls. The wet deep forest leads us to sharpen senses and observe animal tracks and a wide and colorful variety of insects and Caí monkeys . These animals can be seen in the trees, resting and curious, travelling in groups of 10 to 15 individuals, and sometimes more. These monkeys eat fruits, and the jungle gives them all they need, so it is good not to approach or feed them, and just only observe the behavior of pure nature. Macuco Trail ends at the edge of the canyon of Lower Iguazu River, where the waterfalls were thousands years ago, before retreating to its current location.


San Ignacio Mini Ruins

San Ignacio Miní is the best preserved among the Jesuit missions of the 16th and 17th centuries in Argentine territory. A central square is surrounded by the church, the Casa de los Padres (monastery), the cemetery, houses, and the cabildo (town hall). San Ignacio was built with large pieces of the native rock, red sandstone. The magnitude of the construction works has allowed most walls to stand the test of time. It`s a great full day trip from Puerto Iguazu


San Ignacio Ruins - Misiones, Argentina - RipioTurismo Incoming Tour Operator Argentina and South America


The Itaipu Dam

An interesting visit is the excursion to the Itaipu Dam, built in the 1970s. It`s a huge dam, and a real jewell of engineering that provides around 95% of the energy that Paraguay needs. For Brazil, the energy generated here is aproximately a 25% of the total energy needed by the country. Visitors can choose panoramic or technical tours, and there is even an option to admire the structure from a catamaran on the water. The viist can be combined with the Parque Das Aves


The Parque Das Aves (Bird`s Park)

Parque das Aves is the only institution in the world focused on the conservation of the beautiful and exuberant birds of the Atlantic Rainforest, offering an up-close, immersive and charming experience with them. When you visit Parque das Aves you also learn about what we do to help reverse the conservation crisis that these birds and the Atlantic Rainforest are experiencing. Here you can have a complete experience of connection and knowledge about birds and their forests, a natural heritage of global importance at your fingertips.


The Aripuca

La Aripuca is a theme park to inform to visitors to the area, about the damage done by deforestation. Energetic guides provide visitors with some important facts before finishing up the tour at a house made from incredibly large tree trunks. It`s an interesting visit to complete your visit to the area.

Three Frontier Landmark

It`s basically a viewpoint on the western end of town that offers the chance to see the place where the Iguazu and Parana rivers converge, allowing tourists to view all three countries simultaneously: Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. There is a small market with local handicrafts and souvenirs.


Visit to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay

From Puerto Iguazu or Foz do Iguazu, you can make a short visit to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. The visit is basically oriented to shopping activities, but could be interesting if you want to add a third country to your visit in the area.


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