Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls

Ramiro Rodriguez
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Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls_Mesa de trabajo 1

Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls

When we organize an unforgettable vacation where we can get out of the routine and become part of nature, the first thing that comes to mind is to take the first plane and fly towards a unique landscape. Undoubtedly, the Iguazu Falls are one of the favorite places for the international public. But how do the Iguazu Falls compare to the Niagara Falls? What are the differences between those of Iguazú that are found in protected areas of Argentina and Brazil, surrounded by jungles, and Niagara Falls surrounded by the great metropolises of New York and Ontario? Here we bring you some points that differentiate them.

Trail to the Devil´s Throat in Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls
Presenting Iguazu Falls, the magic of nature in Argentina and Brazil

The Iguazú Falls are a set of 275 waterfalls that reach up to 80 meters in height located on the Iguazú River. Declared one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World, they are also natural heritage of humanity and are a wonder.The visit to the Iguazú National Park requires at least a whole day, although if you decide on this option, it is best to plan a couple of days to enjoy all the beauty that this place offers us.

Spending some unforgettable days will be very simple since among the recreational proposals there are several walks such as:

1 -  The Lower Walk which are 1,400 meters of walkways with stairs.
2 -  The Paseo Superior consists of 1,300 meters of walkways without stairs.
3  - The Garganta del Diablo trail has 1,100 meters of walkways without stairs.
4 -  The crossing to Isla San Martín and the Sendero Macuco.

Alternative excursions are also offered that propose to discover the park and get closer to the falls through activities in the midst of adrenaline or also enjoy them at night and in the light of the moon, in a unique walk to take during the nights of full moonwalking the footbridge. from the Devil's Throat and observe a dazzling spectacle: the clear rainbow that is formed by the light of the moon.

Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls
Presenting Niagara Falls: May be the most famous waterfall in the world

At nearly 1,000 meters wide and 54 meters high, Niagara Falls is one of the most fantastic destinations in the world. They are located on the border between the states of Ontario (Canada) and New York (United States). The closest metropolis to Niagara is Toronto, located about a 3-hour drive from the falls.

On the American side, the Cave of the Winds will lead you to a point below the Bridal Veil waterfall. On the Canadian side, the Reina Victoria Park has platforms that offer spectacular views of the waterfalls of both countries. There are also trails that lead to observatories and produce a curious illusion of being under the falls. From the Skylor Tower, there is the highest view over the falls and to the other side, spectacular views of the city of Toronto.

Goat Island offers the most spectacular views available, particularly at Terrapin Point. Full of forests, it is practiced in hiking and an elevator allows access to the foot of the falls and the Cave of the Winds. The island is connected to the mainland by two bridges.



Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls: Round I

Both are amazing places, but if you´re looking for a natural place, the Iguazu Falls are immersed in a wonderful jungle in the border between Argentina and Brazil. The jungle is amazing and of course the landscape is green, mixed with the incredible waters of the Iguazu River. Niagara Falls are immersed into a metropolis and it´s a big difference. So, if you´re looking for nature, first round is for Iguazu Falls which is immersed into a natural environment.


Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls: Round II

Niagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls, the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. These three falls are located very close to each other and are easily accessible by walking

The amazing Iguazu Falls comprise several hundred big and small waterfalls along 2 miles of the Iguazu River. On the Brazilian side, there is a 1500 meters long trail to enjoy a unique panoramic view of the waterfalls. And the argentine side of the falls offers up to 8 km of trails to enjoy the falls in three main amazing circuits: Upper Circuit, Lower Circuit and Trail to the Devil´s Throat.


Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls: Round III

There is a similarity: Both falls are shared by two countries. While Niagara Falls are on the border between Canada and the United States, the Iguazu Falls are shared by Argentina and Brazil.


Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls: Round IV

Which one is bigger, or taller. If we´re talking about high, we have to say that the tallest waterfall at Iguazu Falls is called ‘Devil’s Throat’ and it has a drop of 82 meters (around 269 feet). In the other hand, the Niagara Falls,  has a maximum drop of 51 meters (167 feet). It means that the Iguazu Falls (at least the Devil’s Throat) is taller than Niagara Falls by almost 30 meters, (around 100 feet). We have another round for Iguazu Falls, I think.


Iguazu Falls vs  Niagara Falls: Round V

And what about water? I mean the water intensity. On average, about 2,400 amazing cubic meters of water flows every second at Niagara Falls. Incredible isn´t it? And what about Iguazu? Well, we have around 1,700 cubic meters of water every second. I think we have a round for Niagara here.

Iguazu Falls - Route of the Jesuits in Argentina

Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls: Round VI

Well, Niagara Falls is very famous. Maybe the most famous waterfall in the world, and for that, it´s a super touristic place. For that, you will find an incredible number of hotels to stay and also gastronomy options. All this touristic infrastructure is located right at the park entrance. There are casinos too. In the other hand, Iguazu Falls is immersed into a jungle, and you will find at this moment only two hotels into the Park: The Melia Iguazu on the Argentinian Side, and the Belmond Das Cataratas on the Brazilian side. The gates to visit the Iguazu Falls are Puerto Iguazu in Argentina and Foz do Iguaçu on the Brazilian side, where you will find variety of hotels and restaurants. Who´s the winner here? Well, I prefer nature, I prefer not to have a hotel and a restaurant in front of my favorite waterfall, but it´s my opinion.


Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls: Round VII

What about nights in the falls? Well, Niagara Falls Park is open 24 hours, so it´s great because Niagara Falls can be visited at night and it´s an amazing show. In the other hand, the parks in Iguazu Falls are closed, except on the Argentinian side five nights each month, where a full moon walking tour can be enjoyed, and it´s an unforgettable experience.


Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls: Round VIII

What about watching the landscape from the sky? Well, it´s available in both waterfalls. In Niagara Falls, you can take a helicopter ride to see the waterfalls in a wonderful flight. And it´s also available in Iguazu Falls, on the Brazilian side of the falls.


Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls: Round XIX

Iguazu Falls were declared as one of the new 7 wonders of nature, and it´s a Unesco World Heritage. In the other hand, Niagara does not have those accolades



Iguazu Falls - UNESCO declared the Iguazu National Park as “World Heritage”

"Poor Niagara"

Upon seeing Iguassu Falls, the First Lady of the United States said: Poor Niagara! Comparing is not a good idea, but it is inevitable. You end up comparing. And what Eleanor Roosvelt meant is that there is a big difference between Niagara Falls and Iguazu Falls. And it is inevitable and undoubted when one visits them. Iguazu Falls is a unique place on earth, and if you haven't visited them yet, it should be on the list of your next trips. It is a fascinating place.

Back with Eleanor Roosevelt, when you try to learn about Iguassu Falls, you will hear this "Poor Niagara" expression. For that, and please understand that it´s strictly my opinion, the absolutely winner is Iguazu Falls. It´s a unique place on earth, a must-see in Argentina and Brazil, and a highlight in South America.


Tours to visit Iguazu Falls

We have many tours to visit Iguazu and other destinations in Argentina. It´s one of my favorites that combines Buenos Aires, Salta, Mendoza and the incredible Iguazu Falls:


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If it´s not what are you looking for, you can check our complete list of tours to visit Iguazu Falls and other amazing destinations in Argentina and/or Brazil.


Amazing Tours to Visit Argentina



For more information, just contact us at info@ripioturismo.com 

Ramiro Rodriguez
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