One of the most incredible and amazing destinations you can visit from Chile, is Easter Island. Located in the southeasternmost point in the Polynesian Triangle in Oceania, is a chilean island in the Pacific Ocean that offers the incredible monumental statues called Moais. It´s a Unesco World Heritage and a must-see if you´re thinking to make a different visit in your trip to Chile.

It´s one of the most isolated places in earth. The Island is located 3510 km from the nearest continental point in Chile, which is Concepción.


The Moais in Rano Raraku

This was the main moai quarry and the place where you’ll see them in all their glory and in all stages of production. In fact, about half of the moai of Easter Island are located in this national park. The Moai are monolithic human statues carved between 1,250 and 1500 AD and are considered to be the “living faces” of deified ancestors. They look inland towards the clan that created them as a sign of protection.

Ahu Tongariki

Tongariki is one of the most iconic sites on the island. Here you’ll see its 15 moai statues stand next to each other on an Ahu (ceremonial platform) facing inland as you see the orange sun rise right behind them, creating a shadowy silhouette out of the statues. Interesting enough is that the sunrise in Easter Island is quite late. When I was there in April, sunrise happened around 8:30 am

Anakena Beach

According to oral tradition, Anakena served as the first settlement on the island. Anyway, Anakena is one of the best beaches on the island, and it is easily accessible. It is a small beach, but that doesn’t matter since there aren’t a lot of people in Easter Island.


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