The best view of Bariloche area from Campanario Hill!

Cerro Campanario

Cerro Campanario - Half Day

The ascent to this hill you can do walking or by ski lifts. The view from the summit is spectacular and many people agree that it is one of the best of Bariloche and even the world. There is also a tearoom where you can enjoy the cuisine and homemade pastries.

To reach the foot of Cerro Campanario must take Bustillo Avenue up to 17,500 KM.

For those wanting to walk around, climb on foot is a good option. The hill is not very high (the summit is about 1050 m) and even permanently rises, is at the top in about 30 minutes. You can see the lakes Nahuel Huapi and Perito Moreno, El Trébol lagoon, peninsulas San Pedro and Llao Llao, Victoria Island , the hills Otto , Lopez, Goye, Bellavista, Cathedral , Chapel; Hotel Llao Llao, Groves Colonia Suiza, among other landmarks. Heaven, forests, and especially the whole of nature, the overall vision of this wonderful place that is the Andean Patagonia, is what most touches.


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