The most complete cruise to enjoy the best of Amazon and Negro River in a 5-night cruise




Departures: Daily
Season: All the year
Notes: It´s important to make bookings in advance.




All visits detailed in the itinerary


Meeting at the lobby of the Tropical Hotel at 14:00 hrs. Boarding and depart toward Amazon River while we enjoy a welcome drink and listen to the information about route and facilities. After a snack we meet us in the leisure room for lectures about Amazon where we will get a good start on understanding Amazon ecology while the vessel take us the Amazon upstream. Before dinner we may already ordered a caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil. After dinner we will explore the river`s edge with powerful searchlights and we see caiman, close relatives of crocodile, sometimes incluiding night-hawks, snakes, toro-rats, sloth and frogs.

We wake up in the Janauaca Lake and start an early exploration by canoe of the waking forest. We will keep our eyes open for birds and enjoy the Pink River Dolphins. We return for breakfast followed by a walk in the forest and a visit to the inhabitants of the lake who live from manioc plantations, ÿshing, diverse fruit trees, rubber, Brazil-nut trees, wood and other extractive products. The piranha ÿshing in late afternoon is not only for passionate anglers then there are good chances of seeing Hoatzins and large °ocks of egerets. After dinner we will explore the forest in our canoes with the possibility of observing nocturnal animals and admire at the millions of stars and constellations of the southern hemisphere.

An early exploring for bird-watching and good chances to see the Victoria Regia, the giant water lilies in the Janauary Ecological Park. We will visit several kinds of forest including the strange and beautiful seasonally °ooded forest known by Amazon Indians as the Igapó and the fantastically rich varzea forest. While we enjoin breakfast the boat starts navigation toward the “Meeting of the Waters”. The light colored water of the Amazon and the dark water of the Negro do not readily mix and the two rivers °ow sidr by side for many miles. Now we navigate the Rio Negro upstream while we past Manaus port, with views of the °oating docks, market, old custom house and the dome of the Opera house. After lunch we meet us in the leisure room for lectures about the Amazon, where we will get a good start on understanding Amazon preservation and ecology. After dinner we will explore the forest in our canoes and listen to the chorus of birds and frogs with the possibility of observing nocturnal animals.

Early morning we explore the rain forest along the waters edge in our canoes while we mainly ÿnd fruit eating birds like parrots and toucans. After breakfast we go for a walk in the forest where we espacially focus on the ways that plants and animals have evolved in the rain forest and relations between the plants and their phisical environment. Around midday we return and we may go for a swim, before lunch. In the afternoon we navigate through the Anavilhanas National Park, one of the world`s largest fresh water archipelagos, more then 1000 miles from the ocean. In the late afternoon we embark in the canoes and learn more about this wonderful nature park.

If there are anglers among us, spend a little time ÿshing this early morning. After breakfast we visit a “Natives Community”. A walk through their gardens is always interesting as many of these settlers are of Indian ancestry and the breadth of their knowledge of the rainforest is enormous. We learn about the preparation of manioc °our and the health and education situations of the children. After lunch we are landing on one of the white sandy beaches to swim in some of the world`s most clean and refreshing water. Exploring by canoe and scout for wildlife in the late afternoon. On the way toward the Amazon River will be served dinner.

Early this morning we explore the Lago Janauary Ecological Park. This area is usually a very good place to observe wildlife and chances to see the “Victoria Regia” the giant water lilies. While we have breakfast we navigate to the “Meeting of the Waters”, where the world`s two largest rivers, the Amazon and the Negro, join in a turbulent maelstrom. Now is time to return to the Tropical Hotel landing-stage while we join ÿne views of Manaus` waterfront. Arrival at 11:30 hrs. End of services.


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