Minitrekking & Big Ice: Walking over the ice of Perito Moreno Glacier

Ramiro Rodriguez
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Let me talk about two excellent options to walk over the ice of Perito Moreno Glacier in los Glaciares National Park: Minitrekking and Big Ice.  What`s to expect, differences, important information, and more:


Minitrekking over Perito Moreno Glacier

This is an amazing program. The tour begins with the pick-up from the meeting point agreed in El Calafate. In our comfortable buses, we will provide information through audio guides available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese about the place, the glacier, and the tour.

Once at “Bajo de las Sombras” port (Ruta 11, km 70.9) you board on a boat to cross the Lago Rico and arrive at the opposite shore after approximately a 20-minute navigation in front of the southern wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Once you disembark, you will be greeted by mountain guides, who will lead you to a shelter with sanitary facilities. From there, you will begin a brief walk along the shore of the lake, which includes a talk on glaciology in general and the Perito Moreno Glacier in particular. Upon reaching the edge of the glacier, the guides will form subgroups of a maximum 20 people each and will fit you with crampons and helmets. Once on the ice, you will receive a brief safety talk and will begin the walk.

Always with the help of our mountain guides, you’ll enjoy this natural ice paradise. The trekking difficulty is moderate, the route on the glacier lasts approximately one and a half hours, and in its course, you will be able to appreciate a variety of typical formations of a glacier-like cracks, sumps, seracs, lagoons, etc.

At the end of the walk, you’ll

This tour includes a one-hour guided visit to the walkways of the Perito Moreno Glacier, which is 7 km from the port. There, you’ll enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the glacier and walk along some of the self-guided paths. return to the shelter along a walkway crossing the lush Patagonian Andean forest. Shortly afterward, you’ll board the boat to return to the port and see the glacier walls.


*Groups: We have several daily departures at different hours. In case you travel with a group, or in the company of a partner, please let us know beforehand, so we can arrange for you to take the service in the same group. is oriented for people who enjoy nature, adventure and who want to live the experience of walking on the ice of the most beautiful glacier of the world.









LIMITATION: Suitable for people between 10 and 65 years old, no exceptions.

Due to the level of effort and difficulty present in this activity, is not suitable for persons with the following conditions:
  • Overweight.
  • Pregnancy.
  • A physical or mental disability that affects attention, march or coordination.
  • Peripheral or Central Cardiovascular diseases, use of stent, by-pass, pace-maker or another prosthesis.
  • Use of anticoagulants or varicose veins degree III (tick and multiples).
  • Respiratory diseases (COPD, asthma, emphysema).

Not included: National Park’s entrance fee, garment, and personal equipment.


Perito Moreno Glacier Map



Click on the image below and book the Minitrekking!





Big ice is a bit more difficult, for people interested in walk the glacier with more difficulty.

The tour begins with the pick-up from the meeting point agreed in El Calafate. In our comfortable buses, a bilingual tourist guide will give you information of the landscape you are about to discover.

includes a guided visit to the walkways of Los Glaciares National Park. There, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular panoramic landscape of the glacier and walk some of the self-guided trails.

Once in “Bajo de las Sombras” Port, located just 7km from the Glacier, you board a boat to cross the Brazo Rico, and you disembark 20 minutes later on the opposite shore.

Small groups of up to 10 people are organized, and the hike begins from the southern moraine of the glacier in just over an hour you will reach a spectacular viewpoint where you will access on to the ice. There, the mountain guides will explain basic security rules and put the necessary crampons, harnesses and helmets to begin the journey.

Once on the glacier and with the crampons on, the world takes another perspective: blue ponds, deep cracks, huge glacier mills, magic caves and the unique feeling of being in the heart of the glacier.

Always accompanied by our mountain guides, for approximately three hours and a half you will explore the corners of the most special glacier of the world. During the walk, the guides will help you learn more about the ice, its surroundings and you will be able to size the dimension of the glacier and enjoy the view of the nearby mountains, such as Cerro Dos Picos, Cerro Pietrobelli and Cerro Cervantes. In addition, you will have half an hour lunch on the white blanket and be amazed in a place of unique beauty.

Back on the moraine, we will begin another one-hour walk back and embark once again to return to the port, navigating very close to the southern wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier before returning to “civilization” after having enjoyed one of the most spectacular ice trekk in the world!





Difficulty: High (7 hours of walking)

Duration: Approximately 12 hours (Full day)

Availability: From September 15th to April 30th


LIMITATION: Suitable for people between 18 and 50 years old, no exception.

NOT PERMITTED: People with cardiovascular diseases, COPD, emphysema, asthma or recent surgeries.

NOT SUITABLE FOR: People with a physical or mental disability, overweight people and pregnant women.

DIFFICULTY: High physical demand (7hs of walking).

TRANSFER: Optional land transfer with bilingual guide and a one-hour visit to the walkways.

LANGUAGES: Our mountain guides speak Spanish and English.

CANCELATION: Online purchases can be canceled without penalty 48 hours previous to the tour.




Click in the image below and book the Big Ice now!






Ramiro Rodriguez
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