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Explora Atacama

Explora Atacama - Deluxe

In harmony with the surroundings and local traditions, explora Atacama offers the discovery of the essence of nature and a philosophy of travelling that seeks to satisfy the desire of adventure in an intact universe.

On foot, bicycle or horseback, our over 40 explorations inmerse our travelers in the natural and cultural wealth of the Atacama Desert.

The hotel’s 17 hectares are part of our conservation program, with which we aim to restore the area’s historical and scientific value.

Carefully built within the San Pedro oasis, explora Atacama’s location and explorations are the best base from which to explore the many wonders of the driest desert on Earth.

We have over 40 different guided explorations: hikes, bike rides, high mountain ascents and horseback rides, with different difficulty from easy to expert, and different durations, half day or full day.

Through our over 40 explorations with different intensities and durations, allow yourself to explore the world’s driest desert in a way never before seen.

All of our guides speak fluent Spanish and English, are very knowledgeable of their surroundings, and have the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification, allowing them to provide expert aid to people in remote locations.

Every evening at the hotel bar, our guides meet up with guests to program the next day’s activities. Our explorations are carried out in groups of no more than 8 people. As we believe in healthy exposure to nature, we also believe in healthy exposure to other travelers, hence we do not offer private expeditions. Our guests are sociable people with stories to tell and adventures to share; we are convinced that the people you meet during the journey are as important as the destination itself.

Liabilities: explora reserves the right to alter, change or eliminate parts or the totality of the exploration itineraries without prior notice, when necessary for the well-being or safety of our travelers.

The 50 rooms of explora Atacama are designed to take full advantage of the silence, privacy, and spaciousness of the surrounding landscape, ensuring deep rest after a long day of exploration.


Surrounded by foxtail plants and lush native vegetation are four, interconnected, ambient-temperature pools – ideal for relaxing, building back strength and enjoying the deep desert silence after a day of intense exploration. Near the pools are sauna and steam bath facilities, and open-air Jacuzzis.


Just a short walk from the hotel is our Quincho – an inviting BBQ area that includes a renovated, old traditional adobe house and its patio.

Here, on special occasions, we get together with our guests for a traditional spit-roasted-lamb, beef and fish, as well as other local dishes – all accompanied by Andean music, song and dance performances by accomplished local artists.


Endowed with one of the clearest skies in the world, Atacama offers a spectacular view of the night skies. This special attribute prompted us, several years ago, to open our own private observatory, the largest of its kind in the country.

We offer nightly viewings, depending on weather conditions. Be sure you also include some celestial explorations during your stay.


Our dishes have been designed to enable guests to perform various explorations and still feel light, agile, and healthy.

Furthermore, based on our luxury of the essential, we seek to offer pure flavors from quality ingredients. Bringing out the best of each product is our motto.

Our dishes are always accompanied by a superb Chilean wine. We also carry a menu of Premium wines for those that would like to try other alternatives.

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