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Orca Watching in Peninsula Valdes


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Orca Watching in Peninsula Valdes


Between late February and May, orca (Orcinus orca) – also known as killer whales- can be viewed from the coast. At the Punta Norte sea lion rookery (Otaria flavescens), situated 180 km/ 112 miles from Puerto Madryn and 80 km/ 50 miles from Puerto Piramides, high tides offer the best probabilities for the orca attacks. The Peninsula Valdes orca have developed a unique hunting strategy called “intentional stranding”, by which they beach themselves intentionally to catch their favourite prey: sea lion- and eventually elephant seal pups.

The pebble beach is divided up in sectors separated from one another by rocky reef, creating channels that are used by the orca to take the prey by surprise, and be able to access the surf in a matter of seconds.

If Punta Norte is a must for nature lovers, the so-called “Attack Channel” is the official platform for this breath-taking natural attraction. Access to this area is limited to professional photographers and filmmakers, who must apply for a special government permit to be able to shoot the attacks of the orca on the sea lions and elephant seals from a privileged location. Documentalists from all over the world meet at Punta Norte between March and May for that purpose.

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It is very difficult to see orcas due to their behavior. The excursion does not guarantee that they can be seen. There is no refund or change of date due to this.

Available from February to May

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