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A luxury way to camp in Torres del Paine

Well, it´s one of my favourites… May be the best way to enjoy the incredible beauty you can find in Torres del Paine National Park and surrounding areas. In Patagonia Camp, you can feel the wind, the rain, the snow; and enjoy unique landscapes from your yurt. Yes, a yurt is a comfortable tent. In fact, it´s more than a tent, it´s basically a hotel room, with all the comfort you would like to receive in a 4-star hotel. Amazing isn´t it? But let me explain first, what´s located.

Patagonia Camp is located in Torres del Paine, in a 34,000 hectare private reserve that is home to native Coigüe evergreen forests, ancient “Nothofagus” plants like “Lenga” and “Notros” that bloom in Spring. Our site is located on the shores of Lake Toro, the largest lake in the Magallanes region of Chile with incredible views of the Macizo del Paine. The Camp is located at Kilometer 74 on the Milodon-Porteño route (Y-290) which is just 15 kilometers from the main entrance of the Torres del Paine National Park, one of most beautiful, and well-known parks on the planet.

LAT 51º 16`56.62”S LONG 72º 50`31.87” O

There are different ways to get to Patagonia Camp, primarily from the cities of Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales in Chile, or from El Calafate in Argentina.

Well, location is perfect, to enjoy the magic of Torres del Paine. So, let me explain now, what is a yurt and why is a luxury way to visit the area.

What is a Yurt? Well, originating from Mongolian nomads, Yurts are lightly colored and circular in shape and designed to maximize both light and heat energy efficiently. Yurts are designed to allow guests to enjoy listening to the wind and rain, birds singing in the surrounding forest all with one of the most impressive views on the planet. And that´s real, real and amazing. I spend three nights and I still remember the rain and the wind during the night. An unforgettable experience.

Patagonia Camp offers 20 yurts connected by wooden walkways that weave through native Patagonian Coigue, Lenga and Notros forests that surround the area. Yurts feature impressive views of Lake Toro and the famous Cuernos del Paine.

But why it´s a luxury way to camp in Torres del Paine. Well, yurts offers central heating, en suite bathrooms, private terrace, private safe box, incredible views, laundry service, a comfortable bed… And you´re just in a tent. It´s amazing.

Patagonia Camp complete services with a nice restaurant, a bar lounge, wifi service and a souvenir shop.

But may be the best part of the history, is the wide variety of activities you can choose from the menu. from short trekkings, full day trekkings, scenic & short hikes, boat navigations, horsback ridings, etc. Of course, the visit to the Base of Las Torres Trekk is one of the most requested activities, Valle del frances Trekk too, Los Cuernos Trekk, but you have many like Kayaking in Toro Lake, Fishing in the Shore of Lake Toro, Stand Up Paddle in Bonita Lagoon; or just the traditional Grey Lake Navigation, or Kayaking Grey Glacier.

Take a look to this incredible video, because you know… one image is better than thousand words


For more information and prices, visit our program A LUXURY CAMP IN TORRES DEL PAINE

Please visit our website and check PATAGONIA CAMP

The camp offers All Inclusive Programs, that can be shared or private programs, and also bed and breakfast programs.

A great option to combine Patagonia Camp and complete the visit to southern Patagonia, at least on the chilean side, is the Skorpios III, Kaweskar Route. Take a look to our website in RIPIOTURISMO SKORPIOS III KAWESKAR ROUTE

Thank you! We´re waiting for you in southern Patagonia!

Lic. Ramiro Rodriguez, Sales & Marketing Manager


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