Next december 14 – 2020  a unique event can be enjoyed in Patagonia. It´s the Solar Eclipse that can be seen in some areas of Patagonia next December 14. Our company developed programs for groups and individual travellers visiting the area for this astronomical phenomenon, unique and incredible. For more information about the Eclipse check my article here:

Solar Eclipse in Patagonia: save the date, December 14 – 2020


We developed a basic program to enjoy the Eclipse in the area of Valcheta a local village in the middle of nothing in Patagonia, where the eclipse can be 100% enjoyed. Of course, as the location is close to the incredible Peninsula Valdes, we arranged a program to combine the Eclipse with visit to Peninsula Valdes, and see penguins, whales, sea lions, sea elephants and more.

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Lic. Ramiro Rodriguez
Sales Manager



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