Enjoy the real rainforest during your visit to Iguazu Falls

No doubt, Iguazu Falls is one of the most incredible places in South America and the world. Declared recently as one of the New-7-Wonders of Nature, this is an amazing place, and a must-see if you´re travelling to South America. But, you can add an extra to your visit to Iguazu Falls. By adding two nights to your program, you can stay in Yacutinga Lodge, a wondeful place located only 50 miles from Iguazu Falls, a hidden heaven for nature lovers in the heart of the lush Misiones Jungle.

Yacutinga Lodge is the best option to discover the Iguazu Rainforest, after your visit to Iguazu Falls, away from massive tourism

In Yacutinga, the immeasurable energy of nature touches the tourists that come from around the world with the expectation of seeing the miracle of life itself. Delight, respect, admiration, and a strong magical feeling that leaves you wordless, is repeated with each experience.

Amongst the green, the lodge is a comfortable shelter in complete harmony with the environment. The buildings, with soft, rounded lines, accompanied by natural terrain slopes, blend in perfectly with the environment.

Materials collected from the site, such as rocks and fallen trees were included in the design, strengthening the conservation philosophy of the enterprise.

Those who want to live this experience, participate in a diversity of activities guided by ecologists and Yoga Professors. Our environmental guides have a high level of training in the interpretation of nature and its processes.

The Yoga team produces a marvellous interaction between your interior and the surrounding jungle atmosphere expanding your senses to Nature. The invitation, then, is to come to the site to learn, understand, care for and preserve the nature and its inhabitants; and thus build bridges of love and commitment.

Check more information about programs to visit Yacutinga Lodge here

Best english spoken eco-tour to explore the most bio-diverse argentine eco system. Two overnights in the heart of the Iguazu Rainforest comfortably lodged away from massive tourism. Environmental Guides and Guarani People open their knowledge to scout you through the curiosities of this Rainforest. More than 10 miles of interpretational trails and the opportunity to paddle the Jungle waters of the exclusive Yacutinga Reserve.


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