Lakes Crossing... crossing the Andes by lake

The Lakes Crossing: the Andean gate from Argentina to Chile (or viceversa)

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The lakes district or lakes area is one of the highlights of Argentina and Chile. The area, located in Patagonia, offers a great environment for lakes and mountain lovers. It´s one of my favourite places in Patagonia, because landscapes are really amazing, and there is awide variety of attractives in the area, from traditional visits to adventure activities.

And the best way to link both sides of the lakes district is the Lakes Crossing. Going from Puerto Varas to Bariloche, or viceversa, you can visit both sides and enjoy a unique experience crossing the Andes… by lake!

And the Lakes Crossing can be done in two ways. You can take a full day trip, starting early in the morning and arriving late in the afternoon to the other side; or choose a 2-day trip and overnight in Peulla, located in the middle of the route, to have some free time and enjoy many activities available there, like trekkings, biking, or just relax and watch the landscape which is wonderful.

Some useful details

Duration is aprox 112 miles (180 km) in 12 hours. Subject to changes according to the number of passengers aboard and climate conditions.

Departure:8.00 AM from Bariloche (or Puerto Varas // Arrival:9.00 PM to Puerto Varas (or Bariloche)

Transfer: Our itinerary includes a pickup service from the main hotels in Bariloche or Puerto Varas. If your hotel is not included on the list you must make your own way to our offices located at: Calle Mitre #219 – Bariloche, or Del Salvador 72 in Puerto Varas.

Lodging: Optional accommodation in Puerto Blest (ARGENTINA) or Peulla (CHILE)

Languages spoken: Spanish, Portuguese, English

For more details, itinerary, and prices, just visit our website

We offer a BookingSystem, so you can go and book your Lakes Crossing immediately and enjoy organizing the rest of the trip. Just go to

Of course, the Lakes Crossing is a wonderful way to cross from Argentina to Chile, or from Chile to Argentina, but I´m sure you´re interested in a more complete visit to both countries. Take a look to some of programs, that include the Lakes Crossing, and visit many other interesting places in Patagonia. Remember in you will find many options, and in a complete catalogue of tours to enjoy South America

Let me suggest to take a look to our 1020 tour, to visit Argentina and Chile in 12 nights, using the Lakes Crossing as a link between both countries. Check my article in linkedin about this wonderful program: Argentina & Chile in 12 nights



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