A great excursion to visit the archaeological mysteries of Easter Island.


Excursion to Ahu Akivi, Ahu Vinapu, and Puna Pau - Half Day

We will discover some archaeological mysteries of Rupa Nui National Park on this half-day trip. Enjoy at ancient masonry as you wander the green enclave of the park, appreciating awesome views of the ocean.

We will visit the picturesque town of Hanga Piko to enjoy a ceremonial Moai, the stonework of which has perplexed experts for centuries. Your guide will inform about among 900 characteristic moai sculptures and help you to discover their fascinating origin; carved from solidified volcanic ash, the precise masonry of each statue has mystified experts for centuries.

We will visit Ahu Vinapu to see some of the most advanced masonry in the world, then continue north to Puna Puna to see alternative representations of Moai sculptures. Refresh with a relaxing rest at the harbor of Hang Piko, not forgetting to examine the sacred structures deemed protective of the fishermen.

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  • Half Day Trip
  • English Speaking Guide


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